What our Customers say...


Both Brandon and Tom were extremely patient and personable. They went above and beyond

Job well done! Even though this job was a challenge, completion was efficient. The guys and gal were more than pleasant, polite, and thorough. 

The whole team was excellent, courteous, polite, and answered all my questions. Tom was great, Jaylen, Brandon, and all who helped were as well. 

Our guest room caught fire for reasons undetermined. Thankful that your team boarded it up, cleaned everything, repainted, and even deodorized the entire house. Highly recommended, thanks, SERVPRO!

Because of the fantastic job you did at deodorizing our offices, your company often gets credit for how fresh our office space feels. Wonderful job!

Great job getting the muck out of our patio area – thank you from all of us!

The bad wiring that started a fire in my bathroom is fixed and so is the bathroom and hallway, no more stains or smells, thanks to you at SERVPRO. I told my ladies group that I'd trust you to work in my home again.

Thank you for helping us prepare our house for sale. The water stains in the back bedroom started to seem like a permanent feature of the house. The way your team explained it made sense and then they made the stains disappear.

Thank you for being thorough and also extremely discreet with my aunt's nosy neighbors. My aunt's mood and health seem better now that her house is clean and more spacious.

Wanted to mention that your flexibility in working with our company proved invaluable to our ongoing success. Without SERVPRO, we could not have avoided going out of business.

I couldn't get over to my mom's so it was really nice that SERVPRO sent professionals over to rid the basement of water after the flooding. Thanks for helping her keep her cats inside so she's not needing to look for them.

Hindsight is perfect. After my computer caught on fire, I went and got an extinguisher. I told my friends that if they ever have the same problem, SERVPRO is the company they need to call to get rid of smoky odors and messes left behind.

All dry again! Thanks, the wife is happy and so am I. Glad you're fast and accidents don't happen often. When the next one comes along, I'll be calling SERVPRO. I told my neighbors about you in case they ever need help, too.

We found mold during our remodeling. Contractor refused to touch it, recommended calling SERVPRO. Great job, fast, too, and back on schedule. I recommend you now, also. Thanks!

My cellar flooded for the first time ever. I didn't know what to do so I called you. Your technicians explained everything to me and reassured me that I did the right thing by calling immediately. Thank you!

I kept forgetting to clean the dryer vent. So glad your team is professional and knew what to do. My wife was so mad at me. I think you saved my marriage!

The exterior of my house was completely torn apart and I was worried about my kids' safety. The person who answered made me feel like a priority and I didn't have to wait very long before your green trucks were out front.

We appreciate the work you did on my kitchen and dining room. The smell is completely gone now, the walls and ceiling don't look dingy and the new cabinets over the stove are a great match for the rest of the kitchen. I'm very happy with how it all looks.

As a homeowner & commercial property owner I have used SERVPRO Bristol and always happy with the job 

i am a real estate agent in Central Connecticut and I often refer clients to SERVPRO in Bristol to inspect and repair many issues that arise in buying & selling property always great work.\

Highly Recommend

After a fire devastated the plaza where my business is located SERVPRO did am incredible job cleaning my business from top to bottom including all the contents. looked as good as new when they were done .  

We had damage to our home due to a storm .SERVPRO helped seal up the exposure ,clean up the property and prevent further damage to our home .-thanks 

I buy and sell multiple homes each year and have used SERVPRO several times to remedy mold & water situations. Always quick response and great work.

We had a water leak in our home from an air conditioner leak .SERVPRO did an awesome job removing the effected sheet rock & insulation dried and treated the area  put it back together & painted. GREAT JOB !!!!

Eric & his team are handling 5 flooded condominium units in Collinsville. We are forever grateful for their care,patience & communication. I highly recommend their services they truly care!

I had an unfortunate mishap while cooking and had substantial soot and grease damage to my home. SERVPRO of Bristol did a wonderful job from start to finish - Thank you  

We had a small fire in our new commercial stove from packing material that was left in the oven . SERVPRO was on the scene to help before the fire trucks left...

Incredible company!! Very skilled. Integrity, Compassion, Timely

SERVPRO did an excellent job cleaning my braided area rugs. They were returned to me just as clean as the day I bought them.

We had a major water issue in our business from a toilet overflow  SERVPRO got us cleaned up and back in business in no time .

Thanks Again 

SERVPRO and their wonderful Project Manager Bryan Lavoy and the crew...are experts in their trade. They have helped reduce the overwhelming amount of concerns and stress for me. SERVPRO of  Bristol is definitely a company I would highly recommend.

SERVPRO came out to our dental office in October on a Saturday and did an OUTSTANDING job. They cleaned our ducts and vents without leaving any residue anywhere. Great customer service and affordable price! Our air quality is noticeably better and our patients and staff are happy. I highly recommend this company to all my friends and family and coworkers. 

SERVPRO came 25 minutes early but patiently waited in the driveway. What an excellent job they did on a WHITE berber carpet. Would highly recommend them to anyone and their quote was very reasonable. All staff were very professional!